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November 30, 2019
Setting Goals and Accomplishing Them. In this meditation, the mind is relaxed & opened up to take on the challenge of committing to goals & achieving them.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Setting Goals And Accomplishing Them” Guided Meditation Script:

Goal Meditation

Hello, and welcome to this short meditation focusing on goals.

We are going to begin by embarking on a journey within, getting in touch with our body.

Get comfortable and sit down with straight back or lie down.

Feel the weight of your body pressing down against the surface you are on, and observe your body settling in…..


Starting off with our feet, tense the muscles in your feet and focus only here.

Tightly squeeze the muscles in your feet….(hold for 4 seconds) now let go completely, do not tense any longer.

Go up to your calves now and tense both of your calves, tensing all the muscles here…..

Now let it go.

Now go up to your thighs and tense your quads firmly.

Feeling all this tension in your thighs……

Good, you can let it go.

setting goals and accomplishing them, Setting Goals And Accomplishing Them

Focusing on your pelvis and hips, tense this area as much as you can……

And let it go.

Let's bring our focus to our belly, activate your abdominal muscles, making your entire stomach firm, and feel all the tension…...and let it go……


Now let’s tense are hands, make a fist with your hands and grip as hard as you can.

Hold the tension…. and let it go.

Up to your chest area now, tense all the muscles around your chest and back.

Flex your shoulders and all other muscles around this area. Holding the tension……and relax.

Now tense your face.

Make a face and tense all the muscles in this area, holding this tension......and let it go…..

Very good.

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