One way to overcome rejection is: don’t keep thinking of the end of the relationship as tragically sad. Also, don’t imagine anyone can love on command.

In summary, here are things to remember to overcome rejection:

  • Don’t minimize your pain
  • Believe them when they reject you
  • Don’t imagine anyone can love on command
  • Don’t turn it into a morality tale
  • Don’t connect the rejection with everything you hate and fear about being yourself
  • Don’t accuse them of cowardice
  • Don’t exaggerate their qualities
  • Don’t insist on their uniqueness
  • Don’t defensively maintain that they have a fear of intimacy

Ultimately, ejection is always painful; but it need not be a tragedy. Love yourself, live life to the fullest, and let the infinite possibilities of the future inspire you to strive on. One way to improve yourself is by using our worksheets on mindfulness. With increased mindfulness, we will be more aware of our blind spots and if rejection does occur again, we will be better equipped to gracefully navigate it’s difficult intricacies.

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