Guided Meditation, by Christina Feldman:

In the beginning of this sitting, just checking in with your body, it’s finding the posture that’s relaxed and balanced. Cultivating a quality of steadiness and presence within your body, within your posture. Holding on to tension anywhere in your body. Still aware of the stillness and calmness of your hands, of your whole body, and aware of the stillness around you.

In that stillness of being aware of the whole movement of your breath, from its beginning to its ending. Resting a calm and spacious attentiveness within your breathing. Still aware of how your body responds to your breath. The expansion and contraction of your body with each breath. The beginning and end of a breath.

And just bringing your attention now to focus at the tip of your nose, your nostrils, and your upper lip. Just resting your attention I that area. Aware of the sensation of your breath into your body, sensation of your breath leaving your body. The sensation of your breath connecting with your body. Cultivating steadiness and stillness within your posture. And aware of the cool and incoming breath, the warmth of your outgoing breath, bringing in attention to your throat. Experiencing the breath as it moves through your throat.

To ___ the breath, and your hair, and the area of your chest. The expansion and the contraction of your chest with each breath. The ___ and calm within your body, still and calm within your attentiveness.

The way of your breath and your ___. Still aware of the gentle rise and fall of your abdomen with each breath. Thoughts and images that arise, just allowing them to pass. To know that place of calmness and stillness with a movement. Not holding, not resisting. ___ being aware of the whole movement of your breath within your body. We have happy ending of one breath towards into the beginning of the breath.

Taking your attention for a moment just to listen in, looking for anything special, no judgments or labels. Just being present in the presence of sound. Being present in the absence of sound.

And being in your attention now to be aware of your whole body. Aware of the stillness of your body. Being aware of the different sensations that arise and pass away in that stillness. And that holding on to them without resisting them. Focusing your attention or specifically on your head, your face. Aware of the variety of sensations, feelings present in your and your face. Aware of the absence of sensations. Disconnecting that the life of your body of being ___ against. Just being present.

Being aware of your shoulders, and your arms, and hands. Different levels and depths of sensations. Your shoulders, your arms, and hands. Experiencing sensations. Just the sensations without grasping, without rejecting.

Bringing your attention to be aware of the trunk of your body. The pleasant, the unpleasant, the neutral sensations, just being ___. Nurturing, ___ attentiveness. Developing that calmness of being that ___ movement and change.

Be aware of your legs and feet, arising and passing the sensations, not isolating or holding on to any one’s sensation. Being aware of ___ of your entire body, the stillness of your body. Aware of the sensations, moving and changing within that stillness, that resistance or ___.

Aware of one’s ___ of listening. Bringing that receptive attentiveness to just being present of what it is. The sounds that arise and pass.

Being aware of the thoughts that arise and pass in consciousness. The images. Without isolating, without being ___ against. Without drowning upon anything. We’re cultivating that non ___ attentiveness. Experiencing of thought just as a thought, an image just as an image. The rising and passing in consciousness and stillness.

___ of a thought. The beginning of a thought. Not holding or resisting, just being present.

Bringing your attention back to your body, variety of sensations arising and passing within the stillness of your body. Being present, allowing, being present, spaciousness, equanimity.

And aware of your breath within your body, the feeling, the sensation of your breath within your body. It’s ___ your attention within your breath. Bringing your attention to drown away from your breath. To be present clearly, consciously, whatever is most pre-dominant—the thought the feeling, the sound, returning with the same attentiveness. Same clarity to your breath.

(long pause)

Resting in a calm and clear attentiveness. Being aware of your breath. Aware of your attention most away from your breath. Cultivating that non-dwelling, non-holding clarity

(long pause)

May all beings live with serenity. May all beings live with wisdom. May all beings live with compassion.

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