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May 7, 2016

The human experience is characterized by the desire to expand our perception. 

One of the ways is called Techno-Perceptual Expansion. Our tools expand what we see. We create different tools to give us insight into the world beyond our senses.

Another way is through strengthening of what we naturally have. This can be achieved through thorough mindful use to achieve mastery over our senses. We can even develop and access senses that are otherwise dormant or involuntary within us.

Shots of Awe is a Youtube channel by Jason Silva. Visit his channel for more videos that will expand your perception and leave you in awe of our world.

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Sean Fargo is the Founder of Mindfulness Exercises, a former Buddhist monk of 2 years, a trainer for the mindfulness program born at Google, an Integral Coach from New Ventures West, and an international mindfulness teacher trainer. He can be reached at [email protected]