Anam Thubten explains that we all have the desire to be free from a troubled existence. And undoing mental knots is central to Buddhist teaching.

The Art of Undoing Mental Knots

Emotional knots take away all your freedom and strength. They are all made of sadness, painful experiences, and emotional wounds. Setting yourself free from these negative feelings is not easy. 

Hasn't this ever happened to you? Your earphones or shoelaces  get so tangled up that you become annoyed for a minute. In any case, if there's one thing we know without a doubt, it's that the best thing for loosening an unpredictable knot is to look cautiously at how it's tied.

At that point, gradually, you can dismantle the knot and pass one end through the circles individually. You gradually extricate it and return the rope to its unique structure. All things considered, it's the basically the same with emotional knots.

Obviously, you won't be the same to what you were previously. These passionate labyrinths cause lasting change. Yet, they fortify our inward design. We should take a gander at certain strategies you can use in undoing mental knots.

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