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September 17, 2020

Staying With Emotions. Emotions are an essential part of the human experience. For many people, it’s the part that we listen to most.

Here’s A Sample Of The “Mindfulness of Emotions Script” Guided Meditation Script:

Do A Gentle Body Scan

  • Find a comfortable position and take a couple of full breaths. Your breathing can become
    shallow when you’re stressed or upset, so try to feel your chest and belly expand when you
    breathe in and really let go when you breathe out.
  • Let your attention gently move through your body from your head to fingertips to toes, watching for places you may be tensing or holding. It’s common to clench your jaw or literally sit on the edge of your seat if you’re feeling a difficult emotion. Do your best to kindly notice the tension and relax just a little in those areas.
Staying With Emotions, Mindfulness of Emotions Script

Where Does Your Emotion Live?

  • Feel the emotion that’s with you right now. Where do you feel it most strongly? There might
    be one place or several places where you feel the emotion’s physical expression–around
    your heart or solar plexus, throat or belly.
  • See if you can be curious about the sensations. If you want to move away or resist them, that’s totally natural. See if you can be with them with kindness and curiosity, just for a moment. Remember to breathe.
  • You can use words to help you stay connected to the physical part of your experience, like “tight” or “swirling” or “hard,” whatever feels right for you.
  • You’re just listening to your body’s expression in this moment. You’re not trying to make anything happen or stop anything from happening.


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