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Building Confidence For Social Settings And Meeting New People

Building Confidence For Social Settings. This meditation script is a worthy consideration for intermediate to advanced groups ready to explore the topic of confidence. As it is longer in length, it is better suited for older groups who have some experience with meditation.

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Hello there, I'm so happy to have the opportunity to guide you.

So let's begin.

You desire to build the confidence that’s within you.

You want to be able to meet new people in public social settings without being afraid to approach them.

You desire to get back to being “truly you” and to feel valuable and be admired in the community.

And in order to do this you must become relaxed and then focus on what it is that you really want and need in your life.

It is up to you to dedicate the time and make the necessary efforts towards your goals.

So say firmly to yourself, “My intent is to be fully confident in social settings, approaching new people with ease, feeling welcomed by everyone.

I know I am valuable, so I desire to feel valuable in society.

In order to do this, I honestly compliment others and admire them, so that they in turn admire ME.”

Get into a very comfortable position and make sure you will not be disturbed.

It’s easy to relax, even though you might not get the chance to often.

So Let’s take 5 deep breaths together to oxygenate all of our body’s systems to start.

Begin by slowly blinking your eyes, and with each number I say, blink once. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

Allow your eyes to gently close, and when you do this you feel a wave of relaxation sweep over you.

Now I’d like for you to focus on the sensations at the top of your head.

Just notice how the very top of your head feels.

And now let your focus move down to your eyes.

Just notice how your eyes feel and ask them to relax even more.

The little movement in your eyes is called rapid eve movement and is completely normal.

These small eye movements allow for you to feel calm. Notice how the back of your head feels against the surface that it is touching.

How heavy does your head feel right now?

Let your focus move to your nose, and feel the slight sensations of the air moving in and out with your breath.

When you breathe in, imagine that you are being filled with calmness, and when you breathe out, imagine your body feels heavy and deeply relaxed.

Building Confidence for Social Settings and Meeting New People

Very good.

Now focus on your ears.

Notice how they feel, and what they hear around you.

Try to hear every single noise.

When sounds come into your ears they act as little waves of relaxation taking you even deeper.

Notice the sound of my voice and how soothing and motherly it is.

From here forward you can only hear my voice guiding you.

All other sounds passing though only take you deeper into a state of calmness.

Now focus on your mouth, how does it feel?

And what do you notice?

Can you sense the flavor of something you recently tasted?

Perhaps you can imagine biting into a fresh slice of lemon, and you notice how your mouth waters.

Very good.

And move your focus down now to your neck, and if there is any tension just ask it to release a little more.

Notice how your neck feels right now, and just feel all of the sensations in your neck.

Now focus on your shoulders and move your attention slowly going down each arm, down all the way to each fingertip.

What are your fingertips touching right now?

Feel the sensations on your fingertips.


Allow your focus to go to your chest, relaxing this area, as well as your upper back.

And if you notice any tension, just ask it nicely to release just a little.

Now imagine you are focusing on your heart, and feeling it beating strongly, supporting you.

Relax your heart and notice how good it feels to do so.

And now focus on your lungs.

Feel them gently expanding and contracting with your breath, delivering oxygen to your body.

Allow your focus to move down your vital organs and digestive system. Just notice your belly and how it feels, just observe it working and digesting effortlessly for you.

Now notice your lower back and how it is pressing against the surface you are on, and if you feel any tension just say, please relax just a little more.

Focus now on your pelvis and hips and notice any sensations you are having there.

This takes you deeper into a state of relaxation.

Allowing your focus to move down each leg now, slowly relaxing those as well.

Your legs have been taking you so many places over the years and they deserve to fully relax.

Notice this wonderful wave of relaxation moving down to your knees and down your lower legs, all the way to your feet and the very tip of each toe.

Good, you are doing so well.

Notice how completely relaxed your entire body feels right now.

(Beach visual and writing name in the sand)

I am going to tell you something very important, and you will deeply hear the words that I have to say to you, and they will affect your life for the better.

You are completely aware at every level of your mind, and even though your body may feel asleep, these things I am going to tell you will build healthy relationships with new people into ones that are fulfilling for you both.

Here are the basics in cultivating a healthy relationship.

It is important to care about yourself, but others must be cared for as well.

You become to appreciate yourself when you care for others, and others care for you for appreciating them.

This is healthy and important in romantic relationships, but especially in all relationships.

You desire to be fully confident, so you put in the work necessary to do so.

When you meet someone new and are building a friendship, the first step in caring for them is to ask them about their day.

Ask them what they like and dislike.

Ask about their concerns, and when they tell you these things, ask them more about what they are telling you.

Say things like, “oh that is very interesting, could you tell me more about that?” and look deep into their eyes and really listen to what they are saying to you.

When you notice something that you value in another, you compliment them honestly and openly …


The second step in bringing out your inner confidence is taking action in things you enjoy doing and also finding new things for you to plan and prepare for.

Perhaps you can cook dinner for a new friend or two soon.

Inviting them over and offering some delicious finger foods that you’ve prepared prior to their arrival, and then cooking dinner together, and sharing the duties of dishes afterwards.

Ask them what their favorite food is make that.

These new relationships are very important to you, and you will do everything you can to value others, which makes you feel valuable too.

And lastly, the third step to having full confidence again is that from now on, you think, walk, act and feel genuinely and deeply like YOU.

Your true self shines with your posture, your expressions and your energy.

Now hear yourself saying

I have great confidence in social settings and I approach new people with ease

I have found myself again by fully accepting others and admiring them

Others admire me because I exude confidence and compliment them honestly

I am welcomed in new situations and its easy for me to go with the social flow

Others value me because I greatly value myself

Even though I felt I had lost part of myself, I know that I am fully whole and complete, and that there is nothing to regain, and I only need to practice new habits towards my goals.

And notice how that feels.

Good, you did such a good job today.

So lets come back to wakeful awareness and bring back all with you that you learned today.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Thank you and good job today.


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