Poetry, Beauty And Art

In mindfulness, attention is inclusive of appreciating poetry, beauty, and art. Jack Kornfield explains that they are all integrated into our existence.

Poetry, beauty and art are all around us – even amidst great difficulties and struggle. Mindfulness practice helps us to tune into this beauty – this poetry, this art – unconditionally, enhancing our acceptance of and attentiveness to whatever exists right here and right now.

Mindfulness and Beauty

There is a common misconception about meditation and mindfulness practice (which Kornfield draws light to in this talk on poetry, beauty and art) that meditation practice is a withdrawal from the world, or a dampening of what exists. In fact, mindfulness practice, to the contrary, helps us to tune in with greater awareness to the beauty that is all around us. By opening our heart to the present moment, we feel more connected to the blessings that exist in the physical world we are a part of. Kornfield reminds us, “Meditation is an invitation to presence, aliveness, to a passion, if you will, in the face of all things.”

Poetry, Meditation, and Spirituality

In this talk, Kornfield sheds light on the intermingling of spirituality, meditation, art, and poetry by sharing eloquent words of some of the world’s greatest poets, including Rumi, Veronica Patterson, and Thich Nhat Hanh. Poetry helps us to connect to the physical world in a meaningful and mindful way, allowing us to feel deeply interconnected with all that flows through and around us.

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