Gil Fronsdal leads an Anapanasati Relaxing Mental Formations by Being Present and Letting Go. In a very open way just notice how you are, nothing to be changed.

Take a few moments to notice your mental formations, notice any tension or pressure or hardness or agitation connected to thinking.  What part of your body is energized or activated when you're thinking? Or what part of your body is activated or energized if you have strong emotions?

Taking a couple more minutes, feel and sense the quality of your mental life, degree to which it might be calm or agitated, degree to which it might be relaxed or tense, degree to which the mental life feels hard or soft, degree to which the mental life feels claustrophobic, small, congested or expansive, open, spacious.

And then being with your breathing; breathing in and breathing out, let your breathing be a companion to your mental life, to the mental formations, attention or energy or activation that might be in your mind or your heart. No need to do anything about it except breathe with it. Almost as if maybe breathing is just a gentle breeze that moves through it.

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