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This mindfulness worksheet is an exercise that can facilitate the development of mindfulness in the workplace. It is a series of suggestions and reflection questions that encourage us to become a more mindful leader or department head. It encourages generous learning, which is a willingness to learn from anyone - regardless of who they are or what position they hold. We all have things to learn and to teach.

What is Mindful Leadership?

Mindful leadership means many things. It includes leading with a sense of connectedness to the whole, honoring and being open to differing ideas and feelings, and communicating in ways that are uplifting and respectful. Part of being a mindful leader includes realizing that we all have something to offer, regardless of what role we play in the company or organization. Mindful leadership honors the voices of all.

We often yearn for more mindfulness in the workplace, and yet we have to realize that the openness, presence, and honesty that is required for mindfulness needs to be practiced at all levels within the organization. A mindful leader can be an emblem of this by practicing open listening, compassionate communication, and curiosity.

Generous Learning

How can we practice generous learning? As outlined in this worksheet, some of the notions we might consider and adopt include:

  • Create conditions for team members to discover what they can teach or offer
  • Set an example by asking questions with curiosity and openness
  • Remember that no one is all-knowing
  • Ask questions about things you are genuinely interested in and no little about

Generous learning requires us to set aside our own perceptions and to be willing to hear the viewpoints of another without judgment or assumption. This does not mean we must agree with what another person says, but we must be willing to consider what truth rests in it. When we are all open to listening with curiosity, it becomes easier to find common ground and to discover new ideas.

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