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By Fred Kofman
Philosopher and Vice President at Linkedin

“The more you become nobody, the more you can become anybody. The more you become anybody, the more you become everybody.”

A sign of cognitive development is your ability to see systems. As you become more intelligent you make sense of reality as a web of interconnected events in time and space, a coherent whole that fits together. Things don’t just “happen.” They “follow,” naturally and logically, from the structure of the system and how it shapes its components’ behaviors.

Another sign of cognitive development is your ability to take multiple perspectives. As you become wiser you make sense of human experience as a complex web of interconnected meanings, a multi-faceted jewel that shows up different to different points of view. Things don’t just “are.” They “appear to be” to a particular subject, with a particular mental model.

Different subjects, with different mental models will experience different realities. And the more you can liberate yourself from the illusion that things appear to you as they “really are,” the more you will be able to experience reality from other points of view.

In other words, the more you become nobody, the more you can become anybody. And the more you become anybody, the more you become everybody.

In the following video, I introduce five essential perspectives that you can use to develop your wisdom and your compassion. In the next five posts, I will explore each one of them in more detail.


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