Metaphysical Exercise [Video]

By Fred Kofman
Philosopher and Vice President at Linkedin

“Think of headspace as a gym for the mind”
Andy Puddicombe

If you don’t have the muscle, you won’t be able to lift the weight. That’s why you go to the gym.

In your regular life, you don’t do squats, pull-ups, or push-ups, but you use your muscles in infinite ways. Lack of exercise would cause them to atrophy–use it or lose it.

The same goes for consciousness.

Meditation is a way to develop metaphysical muscles such as peace, benevolence, objectivity, self-awareness, discipline, and happiness.

These strengths are essential to implement the principles of conscious business. These principles are simple but not easy, common sense yet not common practice, seem good but don’t feel good. When you most need them you will least want to use them. That’s why you have to apply them through rationality and will.

In this video, I describe why emotional intelligence requires practical consciousness and why practical consciousness requires practice.


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