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Easing Anxiety by Remembering Impermanence

Easing Anxiety by Remembering Impermanence. All things change. Including your anxiety. It’s possible that it will change for the better. To remember the grace that impermanence offers, try the following mindfulness exercise:

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Here’s A Sample Of The “Easing Anxiety by Remembering Impermanence” Guided Meditation Script:

Sit quietly in a safe place, with your posture tall, but your shoulders relaxed.
If you feel safe closing your eyes, close them
Otherwise, keep your eyes open, but soften your gaze
Perhaps look down at the ground ahead of you
Maintain neutral posture in your back and neck

Breathe gently and slowly in and out through your nose
Allow your energy to settle by spending some time watching the breath

Let yourself be fully present with each slow, full breath in
And each slow, full breath out

Breathe in….
Breathe out…

And now think back to the earliest months of your life,
When you were only a baby
Go as far back as you’d like to

Easing Anxiety by Remembering Impermanence

Recall how different your body was then
How tiny you were,
How fragile you were

Recall too, how little you understood of the world
There was a time when you could just barely recognize colors and shapes
A time when you could not feed yourself
A time when you could not stand or walk
A time when you didn’t know how to read, or write

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