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Connecting with Your Baby

Connecting with Your Baby. It is very important to hold your baby often & as close as possible, to feel how the connection between you continues to thrive.

Take a moment and connect with your breath. ...

Feel your chest rise and fall as you breathe.

Become aware of the air passing gently through your nose, noticing the sensations of how the air feels.

Breathing a bit deeper now, filling your lungs until you are brimming with air, holding it for a moment, then allowing the air to release, your chest gently falls as the air escapes....

The next breath you take in, expand your belly like you are filling a balloon with air....and exhale by just letting go.

Don’t push the air out too much. Good....

Continue, fully concentrating on your breath, and all of the sensations related to it.

And relax...allow for your breathing to return to normal, not having to do anything at all.

During pregnancy, you and your baby were physically connected for a long time.

After birth, it is joyous to hold your baby and to see their beautiful face.

Connecting with Your Baby

Welcoming this new life into the world is a celebration, but at times you could feel an emptiness after you no longer carry this life within you.

This is completely normal and is an expression of unconditional love.

This is why it is very important to hold your baby often and as close to your heart as possible, skin to skin, to feel how the connection between you continues to thrive.

Hold your baby close, and frequently, whenever you or the baby needs connection.

Feel their breath against yours, and breathe in unison with them at times.

Notice how their belly naturally expands like a small balloon when they inhale, just as you did at the beginning of this meditation...

This is the most natural way to breathe, and babies know exactly how to do this.

When they gaze around, look deeply into their beautiful eyes, and connect with this soul you have invited into this world through co-creation.

Their eyes look around for connection, so making honest and loving eye contact is one of the most important things in their fresh lives.

The connection a mother and child share is so precious and unique that it is felt for a lifetime. When you hold your child, you can feel that the connection between your souls as infinite.

Saying to yourself now, “My baby is happy and healthy.

I know exactly when my baby needs me, because the connection between us is so deep.

My baby trusts me fully because I am all that they know.

My presence is all my baby needs.

No amount of toys, clothes, or material objects can replace the connection between a mother and her baby.

My baby supports me, and I support my baby.

My baby knows that I am exactly what they need, and I know that my baby is exactly what I need.

We share compassion for each other every moment of the day.”

Say now with conviction, “The connection that my baby and I share is so deep and loving that I am all they need.

My baby brings me so much joy and feelings of wholeness, that they are all I need.”

And just feel this connection and all its beauty.



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