Tara Brach leads a guided meditation on Meditation: Space of Awareness. Perceive distant sounds, happening in silence. The mind is open like space.

Tuning into the open space of awareness is a practice that helps us to cultivate a sense of complete stillness and silence within. As we tune into the space within and around us, the thinking mind quiets and our sense of reality begins to shift. In this meditation by Tara Brach, we are guided to quietly tune into our senses as we perceive the vastness of space that we are an intricate part of.

A Quieting of the Mind

One of the greatest benefits of this practice is that it slows and quiets the racing mind. As we begin to tune into the open space of our being, we become more deeply aware of the present moment. Ideas, beliefs, and fears about the past or the future begin to lessen, and as they do, we find that stress, anxiety, and fear begin to dissipate as well.

Heightening Space Awareness

Various mindfulness exercises can help to heighten our sense of space awareness, but it helps to have a general understanding that space is all around us. In fact, 99.9% of the human body is space. To strengthen our understanding of this, we can close our eyes, ground ourselves through awareness of the breath, and then tune into all the places where we can sense that space is present. The more we practice, the more this awareness will evolve and expand.

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