Meditation: Mystery of Aliveness

Tara Brach leads a guided meditation on The Mystery of Aliveness. Sense the body, space, and everything that’s happening. Become aware of the body breathing.

There is great mystery in our aliveness when we really pause to think about it, or when we simply observe the present moment with curiosity and openness. An innate intelligence drives our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies without our having to do anything about it. As we begin to explore this mystery of aliveness as it manifests in our bodies, we feel into what it’s like to reawaken – to wake up to the beauty of simply being, right in this very moment.

Coming into Our Senses

Reawakening to our senses is the simplest way we can regain a sense of mystery and appreciation for our experience of being alive. By drawing our attention to our direct bodily sensations or to the breath, even if we are new beginners of mindfulness and meditation, we strengthen our ability to quiet the mind. Naturally, we guide ourselves towards a state of inner calm and appreciation we might not be so accustomed to experiencing in our everyday lives. Through mindfulness of breathing and of body, we come to feel deeply into what it’s like to be alive.

Mystery of Aliveness Meditation

Tara Brach’s ‘Mystery of Aliveness’ meditation is an opportunity for us to reopen our attention to the physical body and to quiet the mental chatter within. By opening ourselves up to this calming yet enlivening meditation, we are granted the opportunity to ground our thoughts and to reawaken our senses. By the end of the meditation, Tara guides us to observe how the quality of our presence has shifted, and in the final moments, we find the opportunity to let go a little bit further, surrendering directly into the present moment.

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