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March 19, 2020

Gil Fronsdal leads an Anapanasati Impermanence Fading Away and Letting Go. Check-in with your body how are you feeling right now. Check-in with your mind.

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Check in with yourself. What's happening right now in your heart, the emotional state that you have and see if your awareness can be allowing and open, have lots of room, just allow yourself to feel in your heart whatever they are it's okay.

Recognizing how you are right now, still breathing present in essence step back from it into the great sweep of time and then how you're feeling right now is an impermanent phenomena, Some of what's happening right now was not here this morning, some of how you were this morning is not here now, some of how you're feeling now would not be this way tomorrow, some of how you'll feel tomorrow is not here now.

Whatever is happening to you right now in terms of sensations, feelings and thoughts and attitudes might seem to have some permanence to it but in fact, it's a phenomena that comes and goes and it might have its time in the sun right now, but it will shift and change. And if you pay attention to what your attention does, you might notice that your attention is constantly changing. Changing what its focusing on, what it's aware of. You might be able to hold, rest the attention for a while in the breath, but even there the sensations of breathing are constantly changing and awareness follows along with the changes.

Download this Audio Meditation for Free, Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address:

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