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November 9, 2019
Using The Power Of Your Mind is a short guided meditation script that brings out your mind's potential through visualization, imagery & sound stimuli.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Using The Power Of Your Mind” Guided Meditation Script:

The mind is a powerful tool. In mindfulness practice,
you learn to train and work with this tool in an intentional, focused way.

This practice lets you play with the power of your mind,
showing you how to gently coax it in different ways.

You’ll also witness the mind’s auditory and visual thinking patterns.

Bring some playfulness and curiosity to this practice, and try not to take yourself too seriously.

For this practice, you will need to close the eyes.

Take a moment to notice how the body is resting.

Keep the spine as straight as possible and allow the muscles to relax.

With eyes closed, try to bring to mind the room or space in which you are sitting.

Can you picture where in the room your body is resting?

using the power of your mind, Using The Power Of Your Mind

Try to visualize the room in your mind.

Picture the floor, the walls, and any doors.

See what else you can bring up to piece together the space in your mind.

Letting go of the room, picture yourself somewhere peaceful.

It may be a beach, a forest, or wherever your “happy place” is.

In the same way, picture the space around you.

Try to bring up as many details as possible.

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Sean Fargo is the Founder of Mindfulness Exercises, a former Buddhist monk of 2 years, a trainer for the mindfulness program born at Google, an Integral Coach from New Ventures West, and an international mindfulness teacher trainer. He can be reached at [email protected]