Fifteen Minute Meditation

Tara Brach leads a 15-minute guided meditation. This meditation is good in increasing mindful awareness and beneficial for sleep.

Tara Brach leads this fifteen minute meditation, incorporating a variety of techniques to help expand our awareness of the present moment. She addresses the physical body, the mental body, and the breath, as well as the sounds that arise in the present moment. 

Benefits of a Fifteen Minute Meditation

Taking fifteen minutes each day to practice mindfulness through meditation has a range of benefits. From helping us to better relate to our emotions to improving the quality and ease of sleep, the implications of setting aside the time to be present are holistically nourishing. Mind, body, heart, and spirit all benefit from this sort of practice. The more consistently we practice, the more apparent the positive effects will be. Potential benefits of mindfulness practice include (but are not limited to):

  • Reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Greater control over thoughts and behaviours
  • Heightened capacity for focus and attention
  • Increased self-compassion and empathy
  • Lowered levels of stress hormone, cortisol
  • Improved immune system functioning
  • Reduction of pain perception and fatigue

Strengthening Your Practice

If you are prepared to commit just fifteen minutes a day to mindfulness practice, you might consider strengthening your practice by signing up for the free 100-Day Mindfulness Challenge. Over the course of 100 days, you will explore a variety of techniques and topics including gratitude practices, open awareness, relaxation techniques, forgiveness, compassion, and mindful movement.

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