James Baraz

James Baraz has been teaching meditation since 1978 and started the Thursday group in 1980. He is a founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center where, in addition to leading retreats, he coordinates the Community Dharma Leader program and is the teacher-advisor to the Spirit Rock Family and Teen program and the Kalyana Mitta (Spiritual Friends) Network. In addition, James created and teaches the popular Awakening Joy Course, leads meditation retreats nationally and internationally, and is on the International Advisory Board of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.

James teaches a six-week introductory meditation class in Berkeley two or three times each year for those interested in learning or reviewing the practice of mindfulness. Experienced meditators may arrange private interviews with him regarding their practice or for spiritual counseling.

Send an email if you would like to receive email updates about James’ upcoming beginning classes, Awakening Joy Course, and other teaching activities.

James’ Teaching Schedule
James’ schedule and information about his book Awakening Joy: Ten Steps That Will Put You on the Road to Real Happiness that he co-authored with Shoshana Alexander is available on his website.

James Baraz’ Mindfulness Meditations & Talks

James Baraz explains that the relations we have, our connections are channels of positive energies that make us feel alive. Letting in love is to give.

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James Baraz talks about light and darkness. Greed, hatred, and delusion is the source of human despair and has gained so much power in our times.

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James Baraz shares that the first day of the retreat is a detox process. You will feel the resistance of sorts and how the attitude to mindfulness starts.

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James Baraz talks about trust in relation to self-discovery. And how it relates to believing, and how it facilitates the opening of doors to Dharma.

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Are you a parent who’s looking to pass on to the next generation, mindfulness? James Baraz offers this mindfulness talk on awakening joy for our kids.

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James Baraz leads us to understand the Metta for the difficult. When our realities don’t match with other’s, this causes hatred and confusion.

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