Tara Brach leads a guided heart meditation: RAIN of compassion. Begin with sensing the heart’s intention to awaken the heart of compassion.

RAIN of Compassion

Tara Brach guides us through this RAIN of compassion meditation. She begins this meditation by inviting us to open ourselves to our own intention to awaken or expand the heart within us. From there, we move into visualizing an openness of sky expanding from within us, permeating the mind as it leaves a gentle smile behind. This opening sets the stage for softness, surrender, and openness that has the capacity to uplift and transform us.

RAIN Acronym

Brach uses the RAIN acronym as a tool to facilitate this mindful compassion practice. It stands for:

  • R – Recognize what is going on;
  • A – Allow the experience to be there, as it is;
  • I – Investigate with interest and care; and
  • N – Nurture with self-compassion.

Keeping this in mind can help us to return to presence when the mind wanders (which it will do from time to time). It allows us to experience things as they are without judgement or persuasion for things to be different. Even if challenging emotions are present, we can use this acronym to remind us to allow this experience to be present, and to move through it with compassion and curiosity.

After RAIN?

An updated version of RAIN includes an additional ‘A’ at the end of the acronym, making it RAINA. This ‘A’ stands for ‘After the RAIN,’ inviting us to realize freedom from our previous narrow identity.

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