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April 15, 2024
528 hz frequency benefits, 528 Hz Frequency: Miracle Tone for Mind and Body

Solfeggio frequencies are an ancient and fundamental aspect of sound healing, dating back centuries while transcending the boundaries of religion and culture. These important sound frequencies are renowned for their energetic properties, which are said to hold subtle but profound healing capabilities. 

One of the original solfeggio frequencies is the 528Hz frequency, which is often referred to as the “miracle tone” or the “love frequency.” Though the tone itself is ancient, interest in this tone (and the other solfeggio frequencies) grew in the 1970s with the work of Dr. Joseph Puleo and Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Horowitz even went on to write a book dedicated to this frequency, The Book of 528, to delve deeper into what he was discovering about this unique and important tone.

Let’s take a closer look at the 528 hz frequency benefits, exploring why this tone is so revered amongst those who understand the power of sound.

What is 528 Hz Frequency?

Amongst the six original solfeggio frequencies is 528 hz. Its energetic properties resonate with the heart chakra, which is why it often gets referred to as the “love frequency.” Additionally, it refers to the musical note “Mi”, which comes from the Latin expression “Mi-ra gestorum”. This, translated to English, is understood to mean “miracle", providing it with another nickname: the miracle tone.

It is believed to hold an array of healing capabilities, enhancing well-being on a cellular level to impact our lived experience. We are, after all, made of energy, and so the energy in sound resonates with the energy in our minds and bodies.

The Benefits of 528 HZ Frequency 

Each solfeggio frequency is purported to offer unique benefits to its listeners. Some of the specific benefits of 528 hz frequency are as follows:

Reduces Stress

This tone is helpful for inducing relaxation, which can calm both heart and mind and reduce stress. It’s not the only tone associated with stress reduction, but if our stress is primarily connected to matters of the heart, it may be of particular benefit.

Repairs DNA

Another of the purported benefits of 528hz music is that it can repair our DNA, which is explored in Dr. Leonard Horowitz’s book, The Book of 528. He notes in this book that healing outcomes have been repeatedly reported using 528 hz interventions.

Soothes Emotions

Since this tone resonates with the energy of the heart chakra, it can help to clear emotional blockages and promote emotional healing. The heart chakra is the seat of our capacity for love and compassion, so bringing this chakra into balance can boost compassion for others and also compassion for oneself.

Improves Relationships

Our relationships are largely connected to our emotions, and many of our greatest relationship challenges take root in unresolved and unexamined emotions. By working with the heart chakra using 528 hz frequency, listeners may find that their relationships improve as their emotions balance out.

Enhances Awareness

In addition to supporting heart matters and our body’s DNA, this frequency is also said to promote inner peace and enhance our awareness. Like other solfeggio frequencies, it can enhance our spiritual growth. 

528 hz frequency benefits, 528 Hz Frequency: Miracle Tone for Mind and Body

Scientific Research on 518 Hz Frequency Benefits

We know about 528 hz frequency benefits because of both personal testimonial and scientific research. While more work can be done to understand the science of sound healing, consider the following research that supports the purported healing effects of 528 hz:

  • Researchers exposed rats to 528 hz sound waves and found that anxiety-related behaviours were reduced, which was linked to an increase in testosterone levels in the brain.                                                                                                                                          
  • In a human study, researchers observed a variety of effects from listening to 528 hz music. It showed that this frequency reduced cortisol levels (a primary stress hormone) and increased oxytocin (a relaxation hormone). It also lowered tension and anxiety, as well as overall mood disturbance, as compared to no significant change in these measures after listening to 440 hz sounds.                                              
  • Results of another study suggest that 528 hz frequency may help to mitigate the damaging effects of alcohol consumption. Researchers found that in IC50 of ethanol, the 528 hz frequency increased cell viability by approximately 20% and reduced the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by up to 100%. 
  • Another potential benefit of 528 hz sound, backed by science, is that it may increase DNA light absorption. Researchers measured the impact of different types of music on how much UV light was absorbed. Results showed that Sanskrit mantras and Gregorian chants had the most positive, healing effects, increasing UV light absorption by between 5 and 9 percent. The 528 hz frequency is amongst the few basic notes of Gregorian chants.

How to Incorporate 528 Hz into Daily Life

There are many ways to explore 528hz benefits for yourself. In fact, giving this frequency a try is the best way to gain an embodied understanding of this frequency’s potential. Consider the following ideas for incorporating 528 hz into your daily life:

  • Fall asleep with 528 hz music to benefit from its ability to induce relaxation.
  • Listen to 528 hz sounds during meditation to enhance your awareness.  
  • Add 528 hz music as a backdrop to your yoga asana practice.
  • Play 528 hz music when you’re painting, journaling, or doing some other type of creative work.
  • When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, take a five minute pause to close your eyes (in a safe and comfortable space) and bathe in 528 hz music.

There are numerous places to find music in this unique, healing tone. Your favorite meditation app may have a 528 hz sound track, and YouTube is another great place to search. Once you’ve found a track you like, bookmark it so that you can easily listen again whenever you need it.


As our human consciousness grows and scientific understanding expands, we are opening ourselves - more and more - to the healing power of sound. More research is needed in this important field, but in the meantime, you can dive into sound healing for yourself to find out how it can serve you. 

Explore 528 hz frequency benefits in a way that works for you. You might start your morning with a 528 hz sound meditation or you may prefer to drift off to sleep with this healing music at the end of each day. Pay close attention to how this music shifts your mind, body, and emotions, opening yourself up to the positive transformation that awaits you.

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