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Visualization Of A Beach For Well Being

Visualization of a Beach for Well Being. A good choice of guided meditation script making imagery of the beach. Its beauty & what it brings to good health!

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(After stairs induction)

As you step off the last step, you step into white sand.

Its warm and soft under your feet.

Just feel the sensations in your feet on the sand.

Now look up and all you see is more sand in front of you, but you can hear the ocean.

Walk towards the sound of the ocean.

As you’re walking you can feel the sun on your skin.

Perhaps you can feel a light breeze as well.

You notice the smell of the salty air.

And as you’re looking around you see the ocean peek over the sand dune.

You’re walking towards the ocean now and you notice the sand under your feet gets firmer, because it’s saturated with sea water.

And you get to the shore where the ocean meets the sand, and you see little waves coming up and down….up and down…

And as the waves come and go, you see some things in the sand like shells, pieces of seaweed…your own footprints…and you see a little piece of driftwood that’s the perfect size for writing in the sand with.

Pick up this driftwood, now draw your name into the sand where it’s moist.

Write out each letter, noticing the sound that it makes as you scratch it though the sand.


Now step back and look at your name.

As you see your beautiful name that’s carried you though your whole life, you notice a little wave coming closer…

This wave catches part of your name and washes it away as it goes back into the ocean.

And then another wave comes and washes your way even more…

And another comes and washes it away…

And another, until all you can see is ripples in the sand where your name used to be.

That’s good.

Visualization Of A Beach For Well Being

Now continue walking along your beach , noticing the surroundings.

What kind of sounds do you hear?

Can you hear seabirds flying over?

Or the wind gently blowing?

Can you feel the warm sun on your skin?

How does the sand feel under your feet again?

It’s nice, right…

Maybe you can even smell the smells of the ocean..

Just be at your beach today.


Now as you’ve walked you’ve learned a lot about how beautiful this beach is and you’re ready for a little rest.

So find a comfortable place to sit, wherever you like on the beach.

A chair could be waiting for you…just the kind you like.

So go ahead and take a seat.

Take a seat and look out into the ocean.

Watch the horizon and how the ocean meets the sky.

This is the most beautiful scene you’ve ever witnessed.


As you gaze along the big blue, you listen very closely to what I have to tell you because it is very important to your overall wellbeing….


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