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Living in alignment with one’s life purpose is the key to a meaningful life. One of the greatest challenges in doing this, however, is that many of us don’t know what our life purpose is. How do we live life with purpose if we are unsure of what that looks like?

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Getting to know what your life’s purpose is does not happen overnight – nor does it happen by force. Instead, we might consider that our life purpose unfolds overtime, slowly revealing itself to us when we are ready for it.

If we are yearning to know our life’s purpose, there are a few ways we can start to uncover it. But rather than worry about the answer, we might focus on asking the right questions first. Some questions we can explore to build a life with purpose includes:

  • What values do I embody that the world needs more of?
  • What do I care enough about that I would do it for free?
  • What activities do I get lost to a state of flow in?
  • How do I want to be remembered?

While these questions might not lead us directly to the answer, they will help us to uncover what we love doing – and what we care the most about.

Life Purpose Statement

It can be helpful to form a life purpose statement once we have an idea of what it is we believe we could be here for. This might also be similar to a personal mission statement. Know that it is okay to change your life purpose statement as you grow. In fact, changing our minds (or at least adjusting them) can be a sign of personal evolution.

It is also important to note that you are allowed to have more than one life purpose statement. Allow yourself to be open to all possibilities, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Simply follow what makes both you and your community happy and at peace.

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