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Feeling Your Body and Mind as a Lake

Feeling Your Body and Mind as a Lake. To reduce anxiety, make yourself comfortable lying down on your bed or the floor, or wherever you can be comfortable.

So, to reduce anxiety,
please make yourself comfortable
lying down on your bed
or on the floor,
or wherever you can be comfortable,
maybe putting a pillow of some sort
under your knees.

Allow your eyes to close
and your body to just melt into the floor
or the bed,

Take a few moments
to scan your awareness
through the sensations of your body,
and wherever possible,
soften and release
obvious areas of physical tension.

This can be done with great effect at the end of a long day,
although it can be done at any other time

Allow your attention
to gently come into the body
to the flowing of your breath.

Experience the sense of your body as a whole,
simply lying here,
and breathing.

When you feel ready,
picture in your mind’s eye
the image of a lake,
perhaps a lake that you know well
and that you go to from time to time,
or one that you’ve seen in a photograph,

Just see if you can bring that image into vivid focus
in your mind’s eye.

Notice how it’s an extended body of water
held within the earth’s surface,
and perhaps fed by a spring or a stream...

If you watch and observe the lake carefully,
you’ll notice that it’s always changing,
and yet it’s also always itself.

It changes as the sun moves across the sky.
The light is reflected off the water in different ways.

It changes depending on the weather.

on very calm days,
the surface might be like glass
and reflect virtually everything
with great precision that comes by,
the trees that might surround the lake,
the sun as it makes its journey across the sky,
and for that matter,
the moon
and the stars at night.

So there are times when the lake is extremely reflective
and contains,
in a certain way,
everything that comes by
or over it.

In different periods of time,
the surface might be choppy,
and sometimes quite pronounced in the waves,
in which times the light might sparkle off the waves in different ways,

Feeling Your Body and Mind as a Lake

Of course,
the lake changes through the seasons.

In the winter,
depending on its location,
it might actually be frozen over,

Through day and night,
and through the seasons,
and through the years,
the lake is constantly changing
but always is its own essential nature.

And now,
see if you can invite the lake
to exist within your own body lying here
so that your body becomes the lake itself.

You can imagine feeling held
and embraced as you lie here
aware of the many ways in which
your own mind is like the surface of the lake,
sometimes highly reflective,
sometimes choppy.

Getting in touch with the sense of the entirety of the lake,
the full body of water,
not only in the surface,
but also down below.

As you lie here,
experience the fullness of your own being
so that even at times
when your mind is choppy and upset,
or reactive,
or dealing with difficult things
you can drop down beneath the surface of your own mind’s waves
and find a stillness
and a calmness
that’s always here
and always available to you
with each moment,
with each breath,
and certainly when you come to lie down in this way.

Lying here under the canopy of your vast awareness,
experiencing the moment to moment changes in your body
and sensations,
and all the while,
lake like,
just simply lying here
watching the play of the weather
of your mind and body.

Allowing your awareness to
hold it all,
moment by moment,
breath by breath,
in your own fullness,
in your own completeness,
moment by moment.

Thank you for your kind awareness.


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