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Mindfulness Body Scan for Better Sleep

Mindfulness body scan for better sleep. Intended to assist you in drifting off to sleep. Allow yourself to sleep without getting distracted.

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Find a comfortable and safe place to lie down
Choose any position you’d like
Although it’s best if the spine remains neutral
Close your eyes, and turn your attention inward

Get present with awareness of your own body, and your breath
Breathe slowly and softly in and out through your nose

As you rest here, imagine your whole entire body
As a body of light
White light, or any color that speaks to you
Feel and sense the body as if it’s glowing, warm and vibrant with light
Let this light fill up each little detail of your form
Let it fill you all the way down into your fingers and toes
Light in your ears, nose, and mouth
Light in your lungs, as you quietly breath in and out

As you rest here, perhaps some of the light seeps out of your pores
Or out the crown of your head
Filling the area around you with a glow
Softening, the boundaries between your body, and your bed, or the space around you

And then bring awareness to the crown of your head
Intentionally, we begin the process of saying goodnight
Of turning off the lights, and further resting back

As you say goodnight, imagine the light from the crown of your head
Becoming slowly absorbed again by the body
The light around your head begins to dim
The light within you head begins to dim

And as it gets darker, it doesn’t become darkness
It simply dissolves, vanishes, disappears

And as this light dissolves,
So too, does your awareness of the crown of your head
As the light dissolves,
So too does your consciousness

Mindfulness Body Scan for Better Sleep

All of it, gently, dissolving into the vastness of the space around you
Or further back into your bed
Or deeper down into your subconsciousness
Where it will rest until morning

Feel this dissolving in your forehead, behind your eyes, between your ears
The light slowly dimming in your nose, mouth, face
The light slowly dimming in your throat, and your neck

All the while, present with a feeling of softening, letting go, and releasing
As you say goodnight to this light

Notice and watch the dimming in your shoulders, upper back, and upper chest
Drop awareness of these parts, as you follow this light further downward
Watching the dissolving in your upper arms, elbows, lower arms and hands

As you say goodnight to each part of the body
See the light dissolve from each finger
One by one, or all together,
From the base of the hand to the tips

And then there’s no more awareness of the fingers and the hands
As we bring awareness back to the lower chest, belly, and low back

As the light here dims down, the body itself is now free to become one
With wide open space, or your bed
The body itself dissolving into dreamland
Where you dream body is waiting to meet you

Watch or sense the light dissolving in your hips, your buttocks, your thighs
And as you follow this disappearing light,
Follow too, your softening consciousness
Awareness itself dropping back
Let it drop back behind you, or further down into your toes

See now, the light in your knees, your lower legs, feet and toes
Fading, dimming
Follow it until the very last pinprick of light disappears from the tips of each toe

The body no longer your form body, but free, unlimited and spacious
The body now your dream body
The body now sleeping, resting, and completely at ease

So too, the mind, consciousness, awareness
Now free, now at ease
Nowhere, and everywhere

Recharging, reconnecting

Rest and sleep
Trusting, that when you awaken,
You’ll awaken back into your body of light


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