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May 13, 2014

This free ebook A Tree in a Forest is a collection of Ajahn Chah's similes. Talking about Dhamma via similes is a creative way to understand the teachings.

tree in a forest, A Tree in a Forest

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tree in a forest, A Tree in a Forest

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When we have no real home, we’re like an aimless wanderer out on the road, going this way for a while and then that way, stopping for a while and then setting off again. Until we return to our real home, whatever we do we feel ill-at-ease, just like somebody who’s left his village to go on a journey. Only when he gets home again can he really relax and be at ease.

Nowhere in the world is any real peace to be found. That’s the nature of the world. Look within yourself and find it there instead. When we think of the Buddha and how truly he spoke, we feel how worthy he is of reverence and respect. Whenever we see the truth of some thing, we see his teachings, even if we’ve never actually practised Dhamma. But even if we have knowledge of the teaching, have studied and practised them, but still have not seen their truth, then we’re still homeless like the aimless wanderer.

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