Body Appreciation – Meditation

Inspire gratitude by helping the body connect in unity with the mind. Offer thanks to your unique body as you do the body appreciation meditation.

Body Appreciation Meditation

How often do we take the time to really revel in and give thanks for the miracle of our human form? This body appreciation meditation offers a gratitude-type approach to a traditional body scan. In this meditation, we are guided to truly witness and appreciate every area of the physical body, thanking each and every part for its presence and wellbeing.

Blessing the Physical Body

We are often called to draw our attention to the physical body when we are in pain; however, in this guided meditation we are invited to notice the body for its presence, its strength, and its vitality. Pain may also be present, but the focus of this meditation is to thank and bless the physical body for its uniqueness, its innate beauty, and its function.

If negative thoughts arise during this meditation, sit with these for a moment before bringing your attention back to the breath and to the words spoken.

Harnessing Self-Acceptance

In a world that idolizes the surface level of things, this meditation invites us into a deeper level of self-acceptance. This level of acceptance and self-love is not based on form; it is based on the innate and unconditional beauty of our pure existence.

This heart-centered meditation enhances our experience of gratitude and can help us to gain a newly inspired perspective of the physical body.

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