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February 8, 2016
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Connecting with the imagery and energy of an angel in meditation can be deeply cleansing and healing. This self guided angel meditation exercise is a practice that can be explored anytime you yearn to reconnect with the guardian angel within. It requires nothing but your presence and your imagination.

How to Use this Angel Meditation Worksheet

This worksheet outlines how you can practice your own guardian angel meditation. Read through the practice first (perhaps even twice) before closing your eyes and following its guidance. Alternatively, you can record this practice and play it back to yourself. Or, you might have someone else read it to you.

The importance here is to cultivate a tranquil and peaceful space where you can connect with your sense of angelic energy effortlessly. As this is a self guided angel meditation, you do not have to stick to the script perfectly. So long as you are able to cultivate the peace within, any landscape and imagery is fine.

As you imagine an angel within your mind’s eye, remember that this angel does not need to appear in any particular way. Whatever sort of angel you feel would bring the greatest positive impact to you, cultivate that type of imagery. Imagine that this is your inner guardian angel who is presenting itself in accordance with your needs at the present moment.

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