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August 13, 2015

This three-hour recording by Yellow Brick Cinema is a powerful piece of reiki healing music. A piece that can be used during meditation, relaxation, a reiki healing session, or before sleep, this piece of music has a restorative effect on both mind and body. It helps us to soften and surrender.

What is Reiki Healing Music?

To understand what reiki healing music is, we must first come to realize that it is not reiki in and of itself. Reiki involves placing one’s hands (or a practitioner placing their hands) on various parts of the body to channel healing energy. The roots of this practice are in Japan, though many people around the globe have come to learn of the power of this technique. 

This music, on the other hand, can create an atmosphere where deeper healing is possible. Since music has a profound impact on the way we feel, soothing tracks such as this one help to ease the body and mind so that we can begin to restore ourselves. This track may be paired with reiki or it may be listened to during times of rest, contemplation, or meditation.

Meditation Music for Healing

In addition to reiki healing music, there are countless other pieces of music that can be used for meditation. Meditation music for healing creates a warm environment for us to begin surrendering the mind and opening to the possibility of transformation. Music can soothe the nervous system and influence our brain waves, and so using it for meditation can prime us in the right way.

To work with the energy centers of the body, you might consider chakra healing meditation music. Consider whether you want to work with a single chakra or all seven major energy centers in sequence and then explore the track that is best suited for your needs.

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