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Free Meditations Wherever You Go

Dear friends, Want to be able to listen to free mindfulness meditations wherever you are? Here are some ways to access my free mindfulness meditations from your car, office, meditation cushion, or even

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New Silent Meditations With Bell Sounds

  Dear friends, Do you prefer to meditate in silence, sitting in stillness without a teacher guiding you through a process? Below are free audio mp3’s that you can download to your computer

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New: Free Meditations For Anxiety

  Dear friends, Research suggests that people with higher levels of reported self-compassion are less likely to report depression and anxiety. The data showed that self-compassion may play the role

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The Power of Mindfulness Retreats

  Dear friends, Many mindfulness teachers agree that the fastest way to deepen your integrated, embodied mindfulness is by attending a silent residential retreat. The first few days are usually difficult,

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Guided Meditation Scripts

Guided Meditation Scripts Body Scan VIEW SCRIPT Mindfulness of Anger VIEW SCRIPT Compassionate Body Scan VIEW SCRIPT 15-minute Mindfulness Practice VIEW SCRIPT Self-Compassion VIEW

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5 Things That Complement My Daily Meditation

I will be the first to admit that keeping to a regular meditation practice is challenging. Sitting still for a few minutes a day is the last I want to do when I have to rush to feed the toddler and get

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5 Steps Towards True Meditation

As a yogi, meditation has come up quite a bit in my practice over the years. My teacher has advocated for at least 1 hour of meditation time in a day, wherein that hour I learn to still my mind, chant

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Chris Sharma: Mindfulness

  Chris Sharma & Mark Coleman wrap up the Inside Game series with a talk about mindfulness. After struggling on a tough boulder problem multiple times & eventually topping out, it becomes

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Listening Meditation

  prAna Mindful Living Ambassador Mark Coleman leads a 6 minute meditation focused on listening to help us live in the moment…

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