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July 25, 2016
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Mindfulness of Sounds Meditation

There are many ways of incorporating mindfulness into our daily lives. We can seek to imbue our routine, ritual, commonplace daily tasks with mindful awareness. For example, we can do the dishes mindfully, or eat our dinner with clarity and awareness. These practices can be incredibly helpful in allowing us to connect with our day to day experience, and live with greater joy, fulfillment, and peace.

Rather than focusing on mindfulness in a specific task, however, there are approaches which are intended to increase our awareness in all aspects of our lives. One of these involves being mindful about the sounds that surround us.

Mindfulness worksheet for sound

In this mindfulness exercise worksheet, you’ll learn to tune into the sounds that surround you. Indeed, one of the most fundamental, basic, and straightforward ways of getting in touch with your surroundings and engaging with the present moment is to draw your attention to the sounds around you. The various sounds in your environment can assist in cultivating a deeper awareness of your existence, regardless of how mundane your circumstances might seem.

We rarely do so, but intentionally directing your focus to the various noises that present themselves to you can assist you with returning to the present moment. Paying attention to your environmental sounds can also balance and ground your mind, and gradually contribute to an improvement in your ability to listen to both yourself and others.

Deep listening and meditation

In this mindfulness exercise, you’ll be asked to settle into a meditative posture and become aware of the sounds all around you. Don’t look for them: just allow them to present themselves to you. When you find yourself judging the thoughts, acknowledge those judgments and then allow them to recede from your consciousness. Simply listen to the sounds, without any need to identify them.

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