Guided Heart Meditation: Metta [Audio]

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Guided Heart Meditation: Metta, by Anam Thubten:


Please take a moment to pause. Take the break from your mind for a while. Just like the way you take break from your activities. Don’t worry about your meditating inquiry. Instead, to give yourself permission to take a nice break from your mind, which can be sometimes this ever-spinning love, thoughts and emotions. Let your body take a rest, and also let your mind to take a rest.

Now, you might like to bring your attention to your belly. Take a few deep breath in and full your belly. Feel that you’re root in your belly. Feel that there’s this ___ energy in your belly as life force and you feel that you’re completely anchored into it.

The Buddha said that and there is a journey going there from that is might condition, become into that. It’s not met. The desired condition. That is an un-become.

So this journey is not a physical journey. It’s not like you’re gone from somewhere to another beautiful, idle, divine destination. This is a journey that you start when you’re inside yourself, and also this journey will continue within yourself. So there is a truth inside you that is unmade, unconditioned, and un-become.

We cannot really put this truth inside you ___ where there is a concept. We cannot call it almost any names. We can call it formless. It’s neither formed nor formless. It’s not hire yourself. It’s not admire. It’s not even dispute. Nameless. So there’s a truth inside you that is true to the nameless, but we, here, experience this truth. It’s the love. It’s just the pure, boundless, unconditional love.

If there is such thing you’re original or your ___. Those boundless love is that. In Tibetan tradition, we use this metaphor for the Dharma, the ___, like the Dharma or the ___ of the Dharma. ___ is a ___ that knowledge of that is ___ the illness, it’s a ___, Dharma is a ___. And ___ that heals your inner illness. Medicine that heals all your wounds inside. Your wounds and your heart, and your mind. It heals all your inner illness. And they will also melt all the ice inside you, will melt your sorrow, your doubt, and your fears.

Where was this almost legendary, but it’s decent. She was a ___ Buddhist nun in India. Her name is ___. ___ is also named over Hindu goddess that ___. This Buddhist is a nun ___ and then she meditated on the ___ and found that it is said that she got healed. You can take this story metaphorically. Maybe there’s a ___ in each one of us. Maybe ___ was hatred. ___ is an archetype or an expression of ___, boundless love, which is already inside you.

So this boundless love inside you can heal everything. I’m going to share a meditation with all of you. Meditation on the love. On the compassion. This meditation can be a ___, so which you may wake up and discover this sea over, boundless love inside yourself. This meditation is based on the Brahma Viharas or the unmeasurable.

Try to invite in your mind and somebody or even a group of people whom you love dearly, such as your children, parents, spouse, partner and friends. Imagine that they are sitting in front of you. And then imagine that you are often taking conversation with them. Tell them that “I’m here to offer my love to each of you, my unconditional love to each of you. Then my unconditional love, the ___, a secret to medicine that heals the illness, the sorrow in each of you. I have hold each of you in my heart.” And now, say this following chorus in silence: May you be well. May you be strong. May you be happy. May your life fruit with the abundance of ___.

Now, tell them that you’re here to witness their pain, their suffering with the non-judging compassion. Tell them that you’re right now acknowledging their own suffering. Their anger, their hatred, or their complete non-judging compassion, sympathy as their ally. Then say this following ___ in silence: May you be free from pain. May you be free from obstacles. May you be free from suffering. May you be free from delusions. Now, imagine that you’re telling them that you’re here as a mirror reflecting their original face, their ___, and then say these following words in silence: May you b awakened to your ___ as a boundless love, love, which ___ and wisdom.

Now, ___ a single person or a group of people who may have harmed you in this life or caught great deal of pain to you. Or maybe there are people out there that you can’t love, or can’t accept, or you may feel aversion, judgment towards them. Imagine that there’s a certain in front of you right now and tell them that “I’m here to open my heart and offer my pure love. My unconditional love without any expectation.” And tell them, “Thank you for being here right now. Thank you for being a catalyst for me to open my heart and to see who I am.” Find that ___. And now say these following words in silence: May you be well. May you be strong. May you be happy. May your life fruit with abundance of blessings. Tell them, “I’m your friend today. I’m here to hear your voice. You can share all your pain with me. I’m here to recognize your suffering with a non-judging compassion and sympathy.” And then say these following words in silence: May you be free from pain. May you be free from obstacles. May you be free from suffering. May you be free from ignorance and the delusion. And now tell them, “I’m here as a mirror reflecting your original face, your ___, the infinite within you.” And then say these following words in silence: May you be awakened to your ___ as a boundless sea of love, courage and wisdom.

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