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Focus for Extreme Concentration

Focus for Extreme Concentration. Training your mind to focus is like training a muscle, you can’t lift very heavy on your first workout.

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Focus Session for Extreme Concentration

[ “…” = 3 seconds]
[ “……..” = 5 seconds]

[start by reading in a normal- medium pace in a pleasant, teaching way of speaking]

Hello and welcome to this guided session to allow for extreme focus.

Get into a comfortable position and make sure you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything for the duration of this session….
Please close your eyes, as if you are going to sleep, but do not go to sleep.
Simply stay awake and listen to my voice.
Make sure that you are very comfortable now so that you do not feel the need to move, your body can remain still and calm.
Taking deep breaths allows us to feel calm and focus on the present moment… so just begin to notice your breath.
[speech slows and becomes very relaxing and calm]

Breathe in and out.
Not trying too hard to change your breath, just let it be relaxed and comfortable……….

Breathe in and out………
Inhaling peace and exhaling relaxation………breathe in and out…..…inhale peacefulness, and exhale relaxation.

Focus for Extreme Concentration

Continue breathing and as you do you will notice how all other things that are going on around you don’t seem to matter at all when you focus fully on your breathing.
Breathe in relaxation, and out calmness

Fully focusing on the quality of your breath, and how it makes you feel.
Breathe in and out, feeling how your body fills with air, and then empties…this process is endless your entire life.

Breathe in and out.

Very good.
Can you feel how much more relaxed you are than when you started this session?
Let’s relax even more now, again focusing fully on your breath.

There is no right or wrong way to breathe, this is not a competition, and no one is watching you.

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