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Sleep Meditation - Mountain Visualization

Sleep meditation - Mountain Visualization. To calm the mind, to cultivate inner peace and balance, the imagery we’ll be using today is that of a mountain.

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So, welcome back to another guided sleep meditation.
Allowing yourself to get comfortable.
Relaxing the body.
Settling the mind.

And let’s start out today with a few deep breaths.
So, breathing in deeply and breathing out slowly.
Another deep breath in and a deep breath out.

And letting all the tiredness and stress and tension make its way out of your body. Settling in.
Finding that place of stillness.

And today’s practice will be another guided visualization.
So, using this imagery to calm the mind, to cultivate inner peace and balance.
And the imagery we’ll be using today is that of a mountain.

So, bringing to mind the image of a tall and beautiful magnificent mountain.
Imagining a mountain that reaches high up into the heavens.
So high that it touches the clouds.

Sleep Meditation - Mountain Visualization

And then feel your body as if it were this mountain.
And yet, grounded.
Becoming aware of all the places where your body touches the mattress beneath you.
And feeling that as the base of this mountain.

Feeling yourself rooting into the earth.
With each in breath, feeling the belly rise as you visualize the rising of this mountain up into the sky.
And with each out breath, feeling the belly fall.

And feeling the stability growing, rooting into the Earth.
And knowing that this mountain is so stable.

There might be strong winds, there might be thunderstorms and lightening, rain, even fire.
But even amidst all this chaos, the mountain is strong, unmovable.

Feeling into that sense of depth and support and stability.

And feeling into your body.
Feeling the heaviness and the pull of gravity and how stable your body is.
Just like the tall majestic mountain.

And bringing an image of this mountain to mind, you might imagine all the trees and the plants, and the flowers that exist on this mountain.
What kind of trees are on your mountain?

And you can imagine wind flying through and connecting it to the rhythm of your breath.
A gentle wind. Seeing the trees move gently in the wind.

And imagining all the different animals that might exist on your mountain.
What kind of animals do you see?
Different birds and cats and bugs.
What else do you see?

Feeling your body rooting to the ground.
Your connection with the Earth.
No matter what comes, the mountain is strong.

Letting the wind and the rain come and go.
Nothing can disturb your peace.


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