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Understanding Your Emotions

Understanding Your Emotions. This meditation script is designed to visualize emotions and understand them with their physical sensations & thought patterns.

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The Emotional Experience

Emotions are complex occurrences that can be most simply understood as a combination of physical sensations and thought patterns.

When you mindfully tune in to your emotional experience, you can begin to break it down and separate yourself from its power.

With wisdom and care, you’ll become able to let go of your feelings rather than allowing them to rule you.

Find a posture that feels both comfortable and conducive to mindfulness.

Although you may know what works for you in general, be open to any adjustments that can be made.

Take a few moments to examine the body and what is present.

Bring to mind a recent experience of joy or happiness.

Try to recall as many details as you can about this event.

Visualize the experience, and give it space to be present in the mind and body.

As this emotional experience is with you, investigate it closely.

What is this joy?

Notice what you feel in the body.

You may notice a relaxing of the shoulders, gentler or deeper breaths, or a warmth in the chest.

There’s nothing you should or should not be feeling;

just recognize your own experience of joy.

Tune in to the mental state that accompanies this physical sensation.

As you rest with the memory of joy, what is happening in the mind?

Understanding Your Emotions

Notice if it is calm, active, agitated, or at ease.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer.

Familiarize yourself with the experience of joy.

Now, do the same with a recent experience that was unpleasant.

It may be a time in which you were stressed, anxious, frustrated, or sad.

Steer clear of experiences that are powerfully charged, like an intense argument or workplace conflict.

Instead, start with something slightly unpleasant, like sitting in traffic or navigating a crowded grocery store.

Investigate this experience in both mind and body, resting with each for a few minutes.

Return to the body and the breath for a minute at the end of your practice.

Allow the mind to relax for a few deep breaths before opening the eyes.


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