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Reflecting On What Connected You

Reflecting on What Connected You. This is a lengthy meditation script that helps you trace your connections and relationships with people near and far.

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Here’s A Sample Of The “Reflecting On What Connected You” Guided Meditation Script:

Reflection on interconnectedness.

This is a practice that can be
done in any posture.

Just be relaxed,
be at ease.

See if you can begin to
trace back all those people
who are involved in your
interest and meditation.

Someone might have
given you a book,
read you a poem,
played you a piece of music,
told you about their meditation experience.

Let a sense of them,
recollection of them
come into the room with you.

Consider including those who
have really hurt you,
not just those who you find
a little bit annoying or irritating,
but someone's who's actions
have really brought you to an edge
so that you almost said,
"I've got to find another way to be happy.
I have to look more deeply into life."

After all,
they're a part of why we're
here now as well.

Maybe you had a teacher who
instilled love of learning and
a willingness to be adventurous.

Reflecting on What Connected You

Maybe you had a parent
who instilled confidence
in your ability to try new things
or explore new terrain.

Maybe you've had a child who's opened
you up to a sense of wonder and interest.

Just let them be here with you now.

What about the clothing that you're wearing?

How many forms of life,
how many people,
how many beings
have been involved
in a growing of that fiber,
creation of cloth,
transporting it,
selling it?

The creation of the building
in which you're sitting
or the stewards of the plots of land
if you're outside.

All the forms of life
involved in the food
that you've eaten today.

Creature in the earth
who planted that seed
and nurtured that crop,
who did the harvest,
transported the food,
sold the food,
prepared the food.

You can see that none of us is
actually independent,
alone, or cut off,
however alone we might
sometimes feel.

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