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November 29, 2019
Stilling The Mind. When you’re focused & relaxed, you are more productive & able to better attend to your experience. This helps to turn off the autopilot.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Stilling The Mind” Guided Meditation Script:

Stilling the Mind

As you go about your day, you may notice that your practice gets further and further away from your awareness.

The mind goes on autopilot for hours on end.

This can sometimes result in feelings of anxiety or rapid thinking.

You can always use this practice of stilling the mind to help settle yourself back into calm awareness.

When you’re focused and relaxed, you are more productive and able to better attend to your experience.

Stop what you are doing to set aside 10 minutes to practice.

Notice how this feels in the mind.

If thoughts about chores, tasks, or the future arise, just notice that they are present.

stilling the mind, Stilling The Mind

Utilize the breath to help relax the body.

As you inhale, invite in relaxation.

With the exhale, allow the muscles in the body to relax.

Recognize that although the mind may not always do what you want it to, it is the mind that allows you to experience joy, pleasure, and gratitude.

Begin offering the mind a few phrases of loving-kindness with the intention of building a gentler relationship with its thoughts.

You can use the phrases “May my mind be at ease”
and “May I be at ease with my mind.”

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