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Cultivating Courage, A Meditation with Sean Fargo

Ancient wisdom traditions recognize the mind not as something limited to the brain, but as an expansive, heart-based awareness that extends throughout the body and beyond. One benefit of mindfulness meditation is that it can help us learn to connect to such awareness, for a profound experience of presence.

In this guided meditation, led by Sean Fargo, we are invited to bring an awake and alert energy to the body as a whole. Using this embodied energy, we then sense into the space beyond for a more expansive experience of the mind. 

Listen in a safe, quiet place where you can be relatively free from distraction. Practice with eyes opened or closed, in a posture that balances comfort with alertness. May this meditation be of benefit to you in your mindfulness journey.

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When we are awake and aware, we are present to our experience as is. We take in everything not with the tinted glasses of past experiences, stories, or judgments, but as if all were fresh and brand new. By embracing a beginner's mind, we let go of needing to fix or change things. We can allow for this moment to unfold as it is meant to, letting it surprise us. One of the wondrous, new things we may notice is the expansiveness of our own mind. 

We might think of the mind as relegated to the head and brain, but in meditation, we see that it is so much more. We experience our world not merely with the brain, but with the heart, the body itself, and possibly, with an energy that extends beyond the body. Full-body awareness, then, or a fully embodied presence, is one that’s connected not just to the material body, but to a mind that is not bound by the body.

In this guided meditation, we connect to the energy of wakefulness and alertness and then play with extending this awareness beyond the body. We explore how far beyond the skin we can sense, and how far within. By following the breath, we then observe the exchange between inner and outer, perhaps arriving at a new perspective on what defines the outside and in.

With genuine embodied presence, we are present to the expansiveness of mind and heart. We recognize the energy of being awake and alert as all we ever need.

Learn more about fully embodied presence, including how to practice and teach it, with the following free mindfulness resources: 

Sean Fargo

About Sean Fargo:

Sean Fargo is a former Buddhist monk and the founder of Mindfulness Exercises. The online platform, which has shared free and premium mindfulness resources with over 3 million people worldwide, has now certified over 500 Mindfulness Teachers.

Sean is the lead instructor for the teacher training program, a unique self-paced approach which invites world-renowned mindfulness teachers to share their insights and experiences. Sean has taught mindfulness and meditation for corporations including Facebook, Google and Tesla and for health and government organizations, prisons and hospitals around the world.

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