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November 12, 2019
Stress Relief with Breathing. This meditation helps to heighten our awareness of the effect of negative thinking. Gently guiding the listener to close their eyes, it explores the power of the breath and of the words we feed ourselves.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Stress Relief With Breathing” Guided Meditation Script:

Welcome to this simple meditation to relieve stress.

Get into a nice position where you can be upright, elongating the spine.

It is best to be seated in the traditional meditation position with legs crossed, but if you need to have your back supported, you may sit in a chair.

Gaze around with your eyes, taking note of your surroundings.

See the colors clearly.

Notice things that are completely still around you, like the ground, furniture, and structures.

Can you become aware of anything around you that has movement?

Look around without putting labels on the things you see, just observe their colors, textures and patterns.

Notice how far away things are from you, or how close they are.

See how the light lays upon things, illuminating them.

Allow your mind to naturally find a spot in front of you to fixate on.

Begin to slowly blink your eyes, and do not look away.

stress relief with breathing, Stress Relief With Breathing

Feel the relaxation within the darkness each time you blink.

Repeat think until your eyes want to naturally close.

When you close your eyes, notice a gentle wave of relaxation sweep over your entire body.

Bring your awareness to your breath, what is it like?

Did you take a nice inhale as soon as you focused on your breathing?

Pay close attention to how your lungs expand and contract with your breath.

It is a very natural and gentle sensation.

Noticing how your belly also expands and contracts easily as you breathe.

Allow the breath to relax you.

In and out…..

Expand and contract….

Refresh and relax…..

Inhale and exhale…..

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