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Relieving Low Amounts Of Stress

Relieving Low Amounts of Stress. We all get stressed daily but sometimes we aren’t even aware that we are stressed. This session focuses to relieve that.

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Stress Script – Low 1000
[ “…” indicates a 3 second pause]
[ “………” indicates a 5 second pause]
[Speech at normal pace]

Hello and welcome to this session focusing on when we have low amounts of stress…

We all get stressed daily but sometimes we aren’t even aware that we are stressed…

Stress doesn’t have to be a thought or even a reaction… it could be sitting somewhere in your body, lingering as long as you are unaware of it……..

Think about a time when you were worried… did this worry also make you feel drained or tired?...

That’s because every time we are worried we have a low level of stress present, and what causes stress is not worry but our reaction to worry………

Did you know that each human has about 50,000 thoughts a day?

If we believed all of these thoughts, we would surely get ourselves into trouble…

So, instead, realize that thoughts simply come and go….

That our thoughts are not truly who we are.

When we take a step back from all these thoughts, we can observe them better and see them for what they are….just passing moments of thinking…..

Attaching too much emotion to one stressful thought can disrupt our day, and our entire lives.

[pause for 7 seconds]

Let’s step away now from our thoughts and worries by just becoming aware of our body………

Feel how the air around you hugs to the shape of your body………

Notice how you can willingly activate all of your senses, hear all the sounds around you……..

Hear your own breath…….when you breathe a little bit deeper, can you smell anything? can even imagine you smell something, and your mind can create the thought of it for you…..….imagine the smell of vanilla………can you remember how it smells?.........good…… notice your fingertips and feel what are touching and feeling right now…..….and become aware of your feet………notice how the soles of your feet feel right now…..….good…..….and just become aware of your entire body right now…..….

Feeling different areas……..

Becoming aware of your body through focusing takes you out of your thoughts, so use this technique when worry, or light stress rises in your mind.

[pause for 10 seconds]

We react to worry because we believe that the worry is real.
Did you know that 95% or more of our worries don’t even end up happening?

[pause 5 seconds]

We think of worry as bad but actually worries are a very important part of our lives……….

Without worry you could make bad decisions………

Without worry we would walk off a cliff without taking precaution.

[pause for 5 seconds] 

Our brain creates worry to keep us on guard and alert, but some of us let worries carry us away allowing them to take over, putting stress in full control of our mind and body.

[pause for 5 seconds]

Instead of letting doubts push us around and drain us, we can learn to use the worry to our advantage.

[pause 3 seconds]

Uneasiness can either become our greatest strength or our biggest weakness.

[pause 5 seconds]

So let’s gain control over our fears that cause stress…

Instead of reacting to it we will learn and become stronger from each time it arises.

[pause 5 seconds]

To do this, we need to identify where this emotion is located and then bring awareness to it whenever it arises, purposefully creating space between it.

[pause 5 seconds]

Make sure you are sitting down in a comfortable position.

Relieving Low Amounts Of Stress

Your legs can be crossed or uncrossed, but make sure your spine straight…

You can keep your eyes closed or open…

If you keep your eyes open just look at one spot, fixing your gaze on just that one point without looking anywhere else.

[pause 5 seconds]

Take a few deep breaths to relax even more.

[pause 10 seconds]

Bring into your mind a good emotion, like excitement. Noticing in your body where you feel changes happening, kind of like mapping it.

[pause 5 seconds]

Remember a time when you were really excited about something……….

Could be anything, no matter how small or big... just vividly remember how it felt, where you felt it in your body, and how did you move?.........what changes do you notice?.........

Find out where exactly this feeling of excitement is located……….Is it in your stomach?.......... or in your chest? maybe it moves around and doesn’t stay in one place……….

Get familiar with this feeling.

[pause 10 seconds]

You can change the way you are feeling in your body at any time, by remembering an experience of excitement or joy.

Your body creates the feeling as if it’s happening right now…….


[pause 5 seconds]

Use this knowledge of how excitement makes your body feel and how easy it is to bring it back upon will.

[pause 10 seconds]

Now we are going to create a worrisome feeling consciously, no need to be afraid or to avoid this feeling…it’s a natural human emotion that just happens…

Avoiding it is what creates discomfort and additional stress.

[pause 5 seconds]

So remember a time when you felt worried, some moment in life when stress took full control of you and locate this emotion….where do you feel it?.........

Just sit with it for a moment.

[pause 5 seconds]

Right now you are in complete control………being aware of this feeling right now is what creates the space that you need.

[pause 5 seconds]

Just see this emotion as it is, a simple sensation in your body that has no power in itself…it lingers sometimes in one place or moves around………

Now with this feeling of stress, bring back that feeling of excitement

[pause 10 seconds]

Notice how well we can change the way we feel when we focus on different feelings.

[pause 5 seconds]

As vividly as possible bring that feeling of excitement into your body………. remember when you were absolutely full of thrill that little mattered to you except for this joy……… Remember how it made you so excited that you couldn’t stay still, and this strong energy was flowing all through your body...

[pause for 10 seconds]

Now notice all the different sensations in your body... notice any changes happening, put your awareness within you to see exactly what’s happening…….


[pause for 10 seconds]

you probably forgot about stress and feel no trace of that worry sensation, or maybe can still feel it, but you notice that it’s just there.

[pause for 5 seconds]

It might even feel a little pleasant or strange, but it’s not in control of you………

[pause for 10 seconds]

See it for what it is- an emotion that’s here to protect and care about you……… you can see that there is no need to escape it…

[pause for 5 seconds]

No need to get stressed about it……..

This is the SPACE of peace…….

[pause for 10 seconds]

Keep practicing this space, at all times during your day, especially when you are really worried…….

[pause for 5 seconds]

Just remember a time of happiness, or passion or any other positive emotion, and let it rise in your body……

[pause for 10 seconds]

Stress can leave as easily as it comes…..

[pause for 10 seconds]

It could stay for a short time or it could stay for a long time…..

[pause for 3 seconds]

It is up to you, and how you react to it.

[pause for 3 seconds]

So anytime you are faced with worries, remember these techniques, and implement them so that you can go about your day without the burden of stress….

You are doing amazing work, well done.


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