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Expanding Your Reach By Choosing a Niche, with Sean Fargo

What’s uncomfortable or challenging in our lives tends to become the focus of our attention. This negativity bias can even arise within our mindfulness practice. But by framing mindfulness as caring curiosity, our attention becomes less judgmental and naturally imbued with more compassion and acceptance. 

In this guided meditation, Sean Fargo invites us to sense into the body with caring curiosity, a gentle awareness in which whatever arises is not labeled as good or bad, but accepted, just as it is. If we can stay open with each new experience as it unfolds, we can then meet each experience with presence, grace and even a sense of awe and wonder, both within and beyond our formal meditation practice.

Listen in a safe, quiet place where you are relatively free from distraction. Find a posture that balances comfort with alertness, whether standing, seated, or lying down. May this meditation be of benefit to you in your mindfulness journey.

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Mindfulness meditation is paying attention to our present moment experience. But how we pay attention is just as important. With mindfulness, we do our best to observe with an attitude of kind, caring curiosity. Instead of merely passive or judgmental awareness, we imbue our mindfulness practice with compassion.

By doing so, we minimize judgment and make space for new perspectives. To meet this moment with caring curiosity, is to allow for this moment to be just as it is. And when we explore this moment with a deeper, more subtle awareness, it may even surprise us.

Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program refers to the 9 attitudes of mindfulness, Tara Brach speaks of the attitudes that nourish a liberating practice, while Buddhists practice cultivating sublime attitudes such as loving-kindness and compassion. It’s no coincidence that a variety of mindfulness teachings invite us to experience this present moment with an attitude of openness, allowance, and acceptance. 

By doing so, we become increasingly capable of meeting our experiences outside of meditation with these same beneficial attitudes, inspiring gratitude, awe, wonder and bliss.  

To further explore the foundational attitudes of mindfulness, and what it means to meet this moment with caring curiosity, download the following worksheets, guided talks and meditations:

Sean Fargo

About Sean Fargo:

Sean Fargo is a former Buddhist monk and the founder of Mindfulness Exercises. The online platform, which has shared free and premium mindfulness resources with over 3 million people worldwide, has now certified over 500 Mindfulness Teachers.

Sean is the lead instructor for the teacher training program, a unique self-paced approach which invites world-renowned mindfulness teachers to share their insights and experiences. Sean has taught mindfulness and meditation for corporations including Facebook, Google and Tesla and for health and government organizations, prisons and hospitals around the world.

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