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About Mindfulness Exercises

Do you experience a desire to live more mindfully? It’s an increasingly common feeling. There’s a worldwide trend that many of us have felt the effects of, even if we can’t quite put our finger on what’s happening. We rely more upon technology. We spend more hours at work, or commuting to and from our office. We’re less active, or we eat more processed food. We get less time with our families. All of these things are part and parcel of a modern lifestyle, and they can leave us feeling distant and detached from our true selves.

Free mindfulness meditations, trainings, worksheets and quotes

Here at Mindfulness Exercises, we’ve compiled thousands of free resources to guide you on the path to a more mindful and happier life. There are hundreds of mindfulness ebooks available, absolutely free of charge. Over 320 free mindfulness worksheets are offered to you at no cost, for the betterment of all beings. Our mindfulness videos are also available free of charge to each and every one of our visitors.

On this page, you’ll find links to some of our most recent blog posts on mindfulness. Many of these posts are topical, and attempt to tackle particular issues that might come up on the road to a more mindful existence. Additionally, you’ll find a number of videos to guide you in mindfulness meditation. These guided meditations can be incredibly helpful when you’re first getting started with a mindfulness practice. Meditation can be challenging at first, and it’s our hope that these videos make it easier to begin the practice.

We encourage your to share these free mindfulness exercises with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who you think might benefit from them. Our mindfulness ebooks, videos, talks, and worksheets are available free of charge for everyone to use.

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