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Working with Boredom

Working with Boredom. Turn towards your impatience, your boredom, your restlessness & inspect it, explore, let it be heard, and seen & felt.

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Here’s A Sample Of The “Working with Boredom” Guided Meditation Script:

Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you can be free from distractions
As you settle in to your seat, align the back of your head with the back of your heart
Shift your shoulders back slightly, so your whole spine remains neutral
Shoulders balanced equally above your hips

Soften into your belly and your thighs,
Feel the weight of your body against the structure below you
At the same time, feel the support of that structure, rising up to meet you,
Providing you with energy that travels up the length of your spine
Out through the crown of your head

With your eyes closed, breathe in and out through your nose
Let the breath help accentuate this movement of energy
Every breath out grounding, releasing
Every breath in awakening, lengthening

Make a commitment to continue noticing your breath
With a deep curiosity

Breath as it’s felt in the body

Breath as movement, breath as change

Working with Boredom

Breath as it’s connected to the energy of your body, the energy of your mind

Infuse your awareness of breath with a deep sense of gratitude, a deep sense of awe

Allow the breath and all its smallest details to inspire you

Let it inspire you to hold your attention on the breath

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