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Focusing on Positive Moments Throughout the Day

Focusing on Positive Moments Throughout the Day. In this exercise, you will work to bring intentional mindfulness to the positive moments of your day.

Accentuate the Positive

Dr. Rick Hanson, the esteemed psychologist and mindfulness teacher, points out that the brain has a negativity bias.

The mind naturally clings to unpleasant experiences in order to “brace” you and protect you from danger.

By actively seeking out moments of joy, you encourage the brain to shift that bias.

As the saying goes, what you put your attention on grows—

if you look for pleasant experiences, you will find them.

In this exercise, you will work to bring intentional mindfulness to the positive moments of your day.

Start your day with the intention of finding good things;

be a hunter on the lookout for something that brings you happiness.

When you notice anything that makes you happy—

whether it’s making it through a green light or calling an old friend—

fully take in the moment.

First, notice your mental state.

Try to identify what the experience is in the mind:

calmness, relaxation, contentment, satisfaction, and so on.

Next, bring your awareness to the body.

Focus on the chest, abdomen, and shoulders.

Notice any feelings of ease in the body, openness, or relief from tension.

As you breathe, make space to feel the happiness all over.

Focusing on Positive Moments Througout the Day

Without clinging to the feeling, try to stay in tune with the experience.

Let the feelings fade naturally and notice when they have left.

Remain open during your day to other joys you may experience.

Remember, they do not have to be grand moments of elation.

You can use the subtle moments of contentment and ease.


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