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November 9, 2019
Using Sounds As The Object Of Your Awareness is a unique guided meditation script that makes use of sounds instead of imagery to bring awareness to self.
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Who Is Listening?

In mindfulness practice, the focus is often on the feelings in the body and the thoughts in the mind.

However, tuning in to your other senses can facilitate a strong feeling of presence and

You can use the sounds around you as the object of your awareness.

Sounds come and go throughout your day and offer a consistent focal point for your mindful attention—no matter where you live or what you do for a living, it’s nearly impossible to remove all sound.

During meditation, investigate the experience of hearing.

You can also bring this practice into your life, pausing to listen closely to the sounds around you at any point during your day.

using sounds as the object of your awareness, Using Sounds As The Object Of Your Awareness

Begin by finding a comfortable posture and allowing the eyes to close.

Bring your awareness to the breath, but instead of focusing on the physical feeling of breathing, listen to the sound of the body breathing.

Inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils, listen closely to any noises coming from the breath.

Open up your awareness to the other sounds present.

You may notice sounds of cars passing, noises within your home, or sounds from nature.

Whatever is present, tune in to it.

The mind habitually recognizes what it hears.

When a car goes by, you immediately know it is a car.

Instead of identifying and defining what each sound is,
try to focus on the actual experience of hearing.

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