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Letting Go of Seriousness [Video]

David Gandelman is the founder of Grounded Mind, host of the Energy Matters Podcast, and teaches meditation at Cornell University. When David was 16 he began meditating deeply and

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Gratitude Meditation

13 Minutes Gratitude Meditation To begin this mindfulness meditation on gratitude, start with something simple you are experiencing at this moment. It could be the side of a tree swaying gently in

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How To Work With Painful Emotions

This is a mindfulness teaching on working with difficult emotions. It’s about learning how to meditate while working with anger, fear, sorrow and anxiety. As we attempt to incorporate

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Gregorian Chants at 432Hz | 3 Hours of Healing Music

Gregorian Chants at 432Hz | Very Soothing Healing Music with Orchestral Arrangement Gregorian chant is the central tradition of Western plainchant, a form of monophonic, unaccompanied sacred

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OM Mantra Chanting | 8 Hours | 432Hz

OM Mantra Chanting Meditation at 432Hz for 8 Hours OM or AUM is the sound of the Universe – the sound of the divine – its a powerful vibration – 432Hz is the vibrational frequency

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ALL 7 CHAKRAS HEALING CHANTS | Chakra Seed Mantras Meditation Music

Although chakras have a bad reputation in the western world (understandably, considering the way they are often taught), there seems to be a general misunderstanding in the way we approach them. More than

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The Best Of Mozart – Slowed Down @ 432Hz

The Entire Music is played with A = 432 Hz for an increased calming and relaxing effect on Mind, Experience it Yourself. ☀ ABOUT THE BEST OF MOZARTWe have chosen the Best Piano Sonatas by

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528Hz + 396Hz | Angelic Healing Music

The track in this video features 528Hz frequency with occasional hits of 396Hz solfeggio frequency.Get MP3 of this Track : https://gum.co/fDTA This long format track has been specially designed

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TIBETAN FLUTE MUSIC + OM CHANTING ❯ Mantra Meditation Music Hypnotic Tibetan Flute Music along with OM Mantra Chanting. Copyright ⓒ 2017 Meditative Mind. All Right Reserved. Instance

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OM Chanting – 108 Times (Million Times Powerful)

Repeating OM Chants 108 times can be Magical for Body and Soul. 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and Yoga. Read More about the Significance of #108 below. Significance

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