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September 2, 2020
Sleep meditation - Counting 1 to 10. In today’s practice, we’ll be using the technique of counting and counting our breaths.
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Here’s a Sample of the “Sleep Meditation – Counting 1 to 10” Guided Meditation Script:

Welcome back to another guided sleep meditation.
In today’s practice we’ll be using the technique of counting and counting our breaths.
But before we do that, we can take some time to get settled.

So, finding a nice comfortable posture.
Perhaps laying on your back.
Eyes at the ceiling or eyes closed.
You can place your hands at your sides or on your belly.
Just finding a nice comfortable position.

And starting with a few deep breaths.
Breathing in deeply and breathing out slowly.
One more time.
A deep breath in and a deep breath out.

Maybe one more just at your own pace.
Inhaling and filling the lungs and exhaling and letting it all out.
Allowing yourself to fully relax.

Sleep Meditation - Counting 1 to 10, Sleep Meditation – Counting 1 to 10

And taking a moment just to allow your body to settle into the cushion or the mattress.
As if you were a stone dropped into a pond.
Slowly floating to the bottom.
Finding that final resting place.

Coming to a place of stillness in the body.
And coming to a place of stillness in the mind.
And becoming aware of the breath.
Perhaps tuning into your anchor point.
Wherever you feel the breath most clearly.

Noticing the rise and fall of the belly.
Or the expansion and contraction of the chest.
Or the feeling at the entrance of the nostrils.

And for this counting technique,
what we’ll be doing is counting our breaths up to 10.

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