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Shopping Mindfully

Shopping Mindfully. Within the busyness of shopping, this meditation activity provides an effective environment for mindfulness practice against anxiety.

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Shopping Mindfully

Going to the grocery store can send us into a state of anxiety and impatience rather quickly.

All the decisions to make, the crowds of people, and the details of our shopping lists create the perfect conditions to “check out.”

But within the busyness of shopping, this activity also provides an effective environment for mindfulness practice.

Before going inside, slow down to connect with your intention to shop mindfully.

Breathing deeply, allow the body to relax with each exhale.

Let the shoulders drop down, relax the abdomen, and release any tension in the jaw.

As you walk up to the doors, practice a few moments of walking meditation.

Feel each foot as it lifts off the ground and is placed down in front of you.

Just for the moment, let go of the thoughts in the thinking mind, and relax your awareness down into the feet.

Once inside, spend a brief minute taking it all in.

Check in with the six sense-doors of mindfulness: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling in the body, and thinking.

Note the colors and lights, any smells in the air, how the body is standing, the noise of the grocery store, and your state of mind.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer; just tune in to your personal experience.

As you move toward a section of the store to begin your shopping, stay present with the body.

Feel the feet on the ground and the muscles in the legs working to keep you moving.

When you pick something up to place in your cart or basket, stay in touch with the sensations in the body.

Shopping Mindfully

Feel the arm and hand reach.

As you grab the item, feel the texture, temperature, and weight.

Setting it in your cart, pay attention to how it feels to release the object.

Continue shopping with this mindfulness of the body.

Each item offers an opportunity to practice, as does the space between grabbing things.

When it is time to check out (from the grocery store, not from your mind), wait in line mindfully.


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