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mindfulness for holiday stress

How To Mend Strained Relationships During The Holidays

Image by Pixabay   The holidays are a bittersweet time for many. All too often, joyous images of togetherness fail to match the messy reality of family relationships. If you’re estranged from

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a journey to get to know yourself

Finding Me (A Journey To Get To Know Yourself & Where You Want To Be)

To download this free ebook, click on the top right corner and click “Download”.

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Letting Go of Seriousness [Video]

David Gandelman is the founder of Grounded Mind, host of the Energy Matters Podcast, and teaches meditation at Cornell University. When David was 16 he began meditating deeply and studying a variety

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Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation To begin this mindfulness meditation on gratitude, start with something simple you are experiencing in this moment. It could be the side of a tree swaying gently in the wind, or the

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mindfulness of the inner critic

Taming The Inner Critic [Audio]

Dealing With Your Inner Critic, by Mark Coleman About Mark Coleman: Mark Coleman has been studying  meditation practices since 1981, primarily within the Insight meditation (Buddhist) tradition. He

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How To Work With Painful Emotions

This is a meditation class on working with difficult emotions. It’s about learning how to meditate while working with anger, fear, sorrow and anxiety. As we attempt to incorporate mindfulness into

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Search Inside Yourself

  Sean Fargo offers this Search Inside Yourself course for leaders and companies of all sizes around the world. . Download this pdf proposal to learn more. .

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